Clean air for
creative minds…

by Advance Flooring Systems

Let’s clear the air… airborne particles in classrooms cause havoc for some kids. Dust and chemical particles irritate delicate sinuses and airways, affecting well-being, concentration, and learning.

You can block and trap particles better with the right carpet system.

Less dust. Less pollen.

Less sneezing. Less asthma.

Introducing a better carpet system:

DecoRIBuv and WideRIBuv for entrances


Tecsom City Square carpet tiles for learning spaces

  • Entrance carpets to remove dirt and allergens from the soles of shoes.
  • Carpet tiles that trap small particles until the next vacuum clean.

and we tick all the
other boxes:

Fit for purpose

The Tecsom carpet tile handles the rigours of an education environment and we’ve paired it with the virtually indestructible entrance carpets DecoRIBuv and WideRIBuv.

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DecoRIBuv and WideRIBuv are engineered to withstand New Zealand’s harsh UV light and a stampede of pupils day in and day out, inside or outside. The French-designed and made Tecsom carpet tile is a high-quality product with a longer life to reduce maintenance costs for schools.

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Seamless or tile appearance

The Tecsom City Square tile has a seamless appearance when laid in parallel due to its dimensional stability. Its unique backing layer means it doesn’t cup or curl, stretch or grow. If you don’t want a broadloom look, then simply lay it as you would a normal carpet tile.

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In stock

We have seven colours of Tecsom City Square in stock at our New Zealand warehouse. And we’re always fully stocked with entrance carpets.

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The Tecsom carpet tile has superior noise abatement without the need for a special backing system. City Square has an impact reduction of ∆Lw = 27dB and sound absorption value of αw = 0.15.

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Environmentally Friendly

Tecsom’s environmental credentials comply with European HQE, BREEAM and the American LEED standards.

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Improved safety

The new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 has led to a safer-than-ever environment for both pupils and teachers. The indoor/outdoor DecoRIBuv and WideRIBuv carpets withstand rain, sleet and icy conditions, providing an anti-slip surface for decks, stairs and ramps. As an entrance carpet, they remove moisture and dirt from shoes. The Tecsom carpet tiles provide friction in the classroom to prevent slips and falls.

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Tecsom City Square, DecoRIBuv and WideRIBuv exceed the minimum Critical Radiant Flux (CRF) required when tested to NZ Standard ISO 9239-1. Fire code compliant for peace of mind.

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Illumination Control

With the number of hard-reflective surfaces in the learning environment, flooring presents an opportunity to improve classroom lighting. All Tecsom products have a light-reflective value (expressed as RHO), enabling you to specify the most efficient colours to increase and distribute lux levels in your building design.

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Tecsom City Square tiles are 100% solution dyed and come in an attractive colour palette for maximum design flexibility. You can create a spatial narrative by delineating different activity areas in the learning environment through colour and pattern.

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…and of course

Cleaner air

Our schools package makes it easier to achieve cleaner air in classrooms. With our entrance carpet to remove dirt and allergens from shoes, and low-VOC carpet tiles to trap airborne particles, you’ll have a better flooring solution.

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